Yves had the pleasure of traveling all over Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Australia, but on his first visit to Panama he literally fell in love with the country and its people. So much so that, during this first trip to the country, he undertook the construction of a first house in Panama in the mountains of Cerro Azul. Yves comes from a family of builders and as he says himself, «I was born in a blue print!», to express his love of architecture and real estate.

Yves obtained a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design (architectural and urbanism) in 1983. He worked as a project manager for designers in private practice, then for the national hydro-electric company of Quebec, before moving to Toronto to assume similar functions within various real estate departments of major banking organizations, one of which is well established in Panama. With his extensive experience in the real estate market, both as an investor and a consultant, Yves brings to Premier Realty his flair for the exceptional properties, his marketing skills and his keen sense of organization.

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  • Office : Panama (507) 345-3000 • USA : (707) 737-0031 • Canada : (647) 498-9103
  • Mobile : 6070-5400

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