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After the Colombian-owned Decameron Hotel built a huge beach resort here in 2000, the once-sleeping fishing village of Farallón became Panama’s new popular beach destination.

Today, this beautiful black & white sandy beach is visited by both national and international travelers in search of sunbathing.

Located along the Pacific coast 117 km (73 miles) west of Panama City, Playa Farallón is easily accessible and undoubtedly beautiful.

Playa Farallón will enchant those seeking a luxurious beach destination not far from Panama City. The immediate area is full of every conceivable luxury and amenity:

  • golf courses
  • casinos
  • elegant restaurants
  • swimming pool

You’ll also find a wide range of activities including ATV rental, sailing tours, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, and paragliding.


And of course, the beach is beautiful. A wide stretch of white sand gently meanders into the warm and gentle ocean perfect for swimming or just enjoying the sea. And although the luxurious resorts extend into the sand, the beaches in Panama are public. So it allowing those who don’t stay at Farallón to enjoy the beach during the day if they wish.