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Playa Malibu is located near the small oceanside community of Gorgona, 1h30 from Panama City.

Going into Gorgona town, you will find Playa Malibu right at the end of the road.

Surfers in Playa Malibu

Recommanded for all surfers, it is one of the best surfing spots in the Panama Bay, with long rides and great tubes.

Because the break is located in front of the river, you can’t miss it.

This rivermouth break always picks up a little more swell than other spots in the area and is surfable at all tides.

Normally, the right break is good at low tide and the left is good at medium tide.

Although the beach is also suitable for swimming, be aware that currents are quite strong in this area and sometimes swirls can be formed. Find out its best season and enjoy one of the most popular spots in Panama.

You can find Playa Malibu surf report here.

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