Boca Chica, Panama
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L1806-224 3.31 ha

Beachfront land with private access to the a wild beach, with electricity and water connection.

Located near the village of Boca Chica, in the Gulf of Chiriqui, beautiful beachfront land of 3.4 hectares with its own beach. In the heart of an area of strong tourist expansion, experiencing significant hotel development, this finca is ideally located at the edge of the sea, in a small cove sheltered from the waves and the swell by the big island of Boca Brava which faces it. Many hotels, sports fishing and diving centers have opened in recent years, welcoming more and more tourists, delighted by the wild side of the place and the beauty of its landscapes, both land and water. In a nutshell, this is the perfect place for a large family villa or the development of an eco-tourism hotel-lodge. The many activities available in the area for tourists will delight the family or guests.

Boca Chica is a small fishing village along the Pacific coast of Panama that works primarily as an entrance to the Gulf of Chiriqui Marine National Park and to the neighboring island of Boca Brava. The natural beauty of this place is impressive, however it remains an unknown place for most tourists. The city by itself is modest and mainly local; however, there are several accommodation and restaurants of good quality in their immediate proximity.

Probably this area will undergo significant changes as it becomes increasingly popular for tourists, but for now, it is considered a jewel to discover with a hidden charm. Much of this is due to its relatively isolated location. Located in the province of Chiriquí, the detour to Boca Chica is 39 km east of David, and an additional 21 km down a dented street. Apart from some hotels and their restaurants / bars, the services in Boca Chica are simple, but sufficient.

From the port in Boca Chica, the local boatmen take visitors to the islands and beaches in the closest national park. The Gulf of Chiriquí Marine National Park is a park of 14,470 hectares consisting of two dozen islands with their surrounding waters, which are full of wildlife. The park offers innumerable activities, including deep-water fishing, snorkelling, diving, and kayaking at sea. Boca Brava lies just 200 meters across the bay from Boca Chica, an extensive island that offers several accommodations, a few beaches, and an abundance of wildlife.



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