Picacho Mountain, Panama
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At the foot of Picacho Peak, right in the entrance of the small village of Picacho, beautiful grounds of 1.23 hectares with magnificent views of the valley and Picacho peak. Composed of a large part perfectly flat, ideal for the construction of a house or several bungalows, and a sloping part offering excellent drainage to the ground. Below the ground runs a pretty little river. The land has access to public water, from the communal well, and its connection to electricity. Its soil, very rich in minerals, is perfect for the growth of fruit trees and all types of vegetables.


Picacho Peak is a mountain located in the western side of the Province of Panama in the district of San Carlos. Located in the geographical coordinates 8°37.648′N 80°02.839′W, in the Central Mountain Range. In the base of the peak there is a green lagoon named “Laguna de San Carlos” and the private mountain development Altos del Maria. The Picacho Peak is 1,081 metres (3,547 ft) high.

LAGUNA LAKE San Carlos :

Up the road from Panama’s Pacific beach community around Coronado, a tranquil lake is hidden in the mountains of Las Lajas. It is actually a rock quarry filled with fresh water to create a tranquil lake (called ‘La Laguna’), that is open to the public for daytime or overnight camping visits

Panamanian government, La Laguna is a beautifully-preserved area. In the past, access to the lake was free of charge. Recently the government began charging for access to offset maintenance costs. The price of admission is, however, well worth the view. Day visitors are charged per person, as well as additional fees for car and cooler: 50 cents per person, $2.00 per car and $5.00 per cooler.

“The mysterious lagoon” : Scientists from all over the world have tried to explain the origins of the Laguna de San Carlos without success. The lagoon is five hectares in area, but nobody really knows how deep it is. Divers have tried to explore it, but they have only managed to go down 18 meters, without touching the bottom. French scientists discovered that the lagoon has three currents, which are not very strong. The climate is mild with 20 to 22 degrees during the day and 17 to 18 grades at night.

La Laguna is at the top of the Las Lajas road on the mountain side of the Pan American Highway, just before Coronado, when coming from the city. Once on the Las Lajas road, follow it all the way up the mountain until the road ends. The drive is about 45 minutes up on a well paved road and about five minutes on a gravel road, just before the park entrance.