El Giral, Panama
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Cattle farm of 145.5 hectares is fully titled. It has 70 hectares of improved pasture divided into paddocks, with the rest totally clean and ready to be used.

The cattle farm has an excellent location, in the area of ​​Buena Vista, close to El Giral village, province of Colon, only 35 minutes from the city (50 kilometers from the Americas Bridge) by the North highway to Colon and 56 kilometers from Colon Free zone.

Project Description: The Agro Tourism Project.

The property has a very special and beautiful topography, consisting of hills, with 1 river over 10 “natural springs” water eye. In addition, waterfalls, nature trails, sweeping views, river walks in the jungle and permaculture gardens.

In the working parts of the property you will find improved pastures for livestock, completely fenced with electric fences, water distribution system, which includes a 220 volt submersible pump, 3000 gallon water storage tanks, water capture system and water distribution pipes throughout the farm.

The total property is approximately 145.5 hectares is fully titled. The property contains imported sheep, in addition to cattle and is already in production. The farm has 3 stables and covered pens, for livestock, sheep, horses, separate storage buildings for feed, equipment, tools, office / lab 20 feet container with air conditioning. A country house of 120m2 for the caretaker of the ranches. 3 kilometers of internal roads with excellent access throughout the year, during the rainy season or dry season.


The Finca has access from Via Transismica Hwy that enters the exit of El Giral, through a paved road.


Irregular topography, some flat to rolling hills, with a backdrop of jungle and mountains that open up to a broad view of the Chagres river and the river basin.

Zoning / Planning:



More than $ 250,000.00 in improvements installed on the Property, including: Electricity, Water, Highways, improved cattle grazing, electric fences, employees’ home, 20-foot air-conditioned container office, 3 covered barns, pens, loading docks for livestock, and storage facilities, storage systems and distribution of water of 3000 gallons throughout the property. The farm is currently in production, with breeding cattle, cattle, sheep imported from the USA, horses and chickens.

More than 1500 fruit trees planted in two Permaculture gardens, with four different species of native bananas, bananas, yucca, Otoe, mango, avocado, orange, lemon, papaya, ginger, moringa, neem, pumpkin, corn and pumpkin.


  • Water: Supplied by rivers and underground springs.
  • Fire: Buena Vista Fire Department
  • Telephone: Cellular, Satellite.
  • Propane gas
  • Electric: Natugy
  • Cable and Internet: Satellite
  • Sewerage: Septic


The market is for Agro Business and Agro Tourism Projects with livestock and sheep production on the property. The property could also be compatible with Small Country Cabins, hotel and restaurant concept, near the mountains, the Canal and the city, with spectacular views in a natural environment.

Sale price:

US$ 0.65 per square meter ($ 6,500.00 per hectare) negotiable.

The 145.5 hectares is fully titled.

The sale price does not include the animals on the farm, however, the owner is also willing to sell all the animals in the sale.

Here are more details about the Cattle Farm “Los Frijolitos”:

Livestock cattle farm 145.5 hectares with 70 hectares of improved pasture divided into paddocks, with the rest clean and ready to put the seeds of improved pasture.

More than $ 250,000 of improvements.

With excellent located, only 35 minutes from the city in north Highway, in the Buena Vista, Colon area.

The altitude of the farm is 350 meters above sea level, with access to the farm is through a paved road.

The infrastructure within the farm includes:

  1. Electricity
  2. Fresh water.
  3. Electric fences and full barbed wire fences.
  4. Country house with 120m2 of two-room construction.
  5. 2 homes for employees.
  6. 4 covered pens for cattle, sheep, chickens, and horses.
  7. Loading and unloading area for cattle.
  8. Several storages with covered roof.
  9. A 20-foot container with air conditioning for office or laboratory.
  10. More than10 natural sources of water, with water all year round.
  11. Water system installed throughout the farm, pool to capture water from the river of approximately 9000 gallons with submersible water pump.
  12. 3000 gallons water storage tank at the highest point of the farm.
  13. 3 kilometers of internal roads with a bridge in the farm, access throughout the year.
  14. The farm is currently established with Brahman Cattle and also several other animals crossed with European Meat breed.
  15. Dorper sheep 100% pure and with their certificates, Imported from the United States for genetic sales.
  16. 2 horses.
  17. Patio chickens and duck chickens.
  18. The farm is also planted with “cuba 22” cutting grass, yucca, otou, yampi, plantain, banana, plantain, mango trees and avocado.





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