Mata Ahogado, Panama
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F1507-221 76380 m2 5 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

The 7.6 ha or (76,380 m2) of land is in a secluded mountainous forestry area located approximately 4.7 km from a famous modest and modern Panamanian Village called: El Valle de Antón where local businesses and native indigenous and other local businesses bring their hand made artifacts, clothing, artesian products, fruits, vegetables, poultry, etc, 24/7 to be sold at the local town square to residents, visitors and tourist. The property is surrounded with national fruit trees planted by the owner, local tropical flowers, a clear river water with an ocean sandy bottom, huge mountains, wilderness and an interesting diversity of tropical vegetation. The potable drinking water is located on the property emerging from an underground spring-water source which flows down from a hill top creating a small cascade/water fall eventually merging with the river down hill in the front of the property.

The rustic country house was built with river rocks and reinforced windows built by the owner. All floors are mosaic. The rustic country home has 4 1/2 extra size built custom made bedrooms with one additional 1/2 bedroom for the maid’s resting/sleeping room. The property is populated with local national fruit trees and vegetables planted year around by the custodian.

It has an ample kitchen, one bathroom, a dining and living room and a front entrance porch with overhead cover with sufficient space to hang hammocks and/or chairs overseen the river, a paved travelling road, trees, mountains and the local farmers go by with their horses, bulls, cows, mules, etc, transporting fruits, vegetables, local tropical flowers, artesian artifacts to be sold at the local farmer’s market in El Valle, San Carlos and other nearby towns. The property is approximately 14 miles from the ocean, surfing, fishing, swimming, camping, restaurants and tourist beaches are visited and enjoyed by locals and tourists with fisherman selling fresh/live fish caught in the Pacific ocean every other morning. This property location is off the Central America International Highway also known as Carretera Interamericana that starts in Canada thru the United States, thru all Central America and ending in the Darién area in the Republic of Panamá.