San Miguel Centro, Chiguirí Arriba, Penonome
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F2407-071 120 m2 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom 3 Parking background Layer 1 11,291 m2

The rural land on offer includes 11,291 m2 of land, with a quaint two-bedroom, one-full-bathroom house situated on it. The house features a kitchen, living and dining room measuring about 70 m2. Additionally, two rooms measuring 26 and 21 m2 each one that is currently used for a business. The property is ideal for a bed and breakfast geared towards bird-watching enthusiasts.

The house is equipped with solar panels for energy efficiency and utilizes a rainwater catch system with a total storage capacity of 14,000 liters. It also features a septic system with leach field and gray water drain system for environmentally friendly waste disposal.

The owners are selling the machinery used for the entire coffee processing process for $10,000 separately.

In addition to the house, the property boasts two hectares of land that are currently dedicated to coffee growing. Although the coffee-growing lands are not for sale, the option to purchase the coffee roaster and equipment associated with it is available. The buyer would then have access to these lands for three years at no charge, after which they could negotiate a rental agreement. Terms and conditions for the use of the land include restrictions on tree removal, periodic property clean-ups, and plant fertilization requirements.

Overall, the property presents a unique opportunity for someone looking to combine a cozy home with a small business venture in a picturesque rural setting.