San Juan de Dios, Antón, Panama
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F2008-241 52664 m2

This incredible and beautiful land is located in the community of Chumical at about 22 km north of the Pan-American Hwy not too far away from San Juan de Dios on the road that leads to El Valle from Juan Díaz.

There is a asphalt road up to about 5 km to the land. After that there is a dirt road drivable till about ¾ of it. After that there is an easement that was cut during the dry season an still drivable during the rainy season.

Before the entrance you have to traverse a small creek, so you will need to build a ford for an easy access to the land. This land is cover on trees for almost half of its surface. The top part of the land is flat and small slopes going down. There is an spectacular river with and amazing cascade that borders the forest.

The land has 52,664 m2 (5,2 ha) according the deed, but the owner believes that there are an extra 2 ha more that have to be added to it. Regardless the owner is keeping sale price.

If you´re looking for a place where you can build your countryside house, having access to a creek and river and besides that having lots of land to plant trees, plant crops, or dedicate yourself to other outdoor activities, this is the ideal place for you!