Los Cerritos, Santa Cruz, Bejuco
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This large piece of land in Los Cerritos of Santa Cruz (Bejuco) offers a fantastic opportunity for those looking for space to either develop housing or raise livestock. With a total area of 178,536.47 m2 (17.8 ha), the property includes a 5,000 m2 Right of Possession, which allows the owner to use the land as if it were their own.

Access to the plot is via a dirt road, and there is a seasonal creek running through the land. Despite its rural setting, the property is just 1.5 km from the Pan-American Highway, which ensures convenient access to the surrounding towns and cities. There is a project for the construction of a road that would go from the community of Santa Cruz to Altos del María, which would allow the farm to have a paved road frontage of more than 300 linear meters.

The land offers a mix of flat and rolling hills, along with plenty of mature trees and one hectare planted with mature teak trees. This is ideal for those looking to raise livestock, while the teak plantation offers the potential for a passive income stream in the future.

Situated near the communities of Bejuco, Chame, Gorgona, and Coronado, the property offers easy access to local amenities, including shops, restaurants, and healthcare. Whether you are looking to set up a working farm or develop a private housing project, this large piece of land offers a wealth of possibilities.