Penonome, Panama
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L1709-071 10,199 m2

The Penonomé region is an area of ​​a fast development. Currently there are many residential projects under construction, as well as large shopping centres and plazas. This development encompasses not only the Pan American Highway, but also the centre of Penonomé and the road that leads to the town of La Pintada.

This is because Penonomé is considered the Geographic Centre of Panama, also because it is the largest city located near the best beaches on the Pacific coast where the best resorts are located. Also the area of ​​La Pintada has had a significant economic boom due to Minera Panama.

This land of 11,900 m2 is located inside Penonomé, but in Los Uveros area and on the road that leads to the community of La Pintada. It has direct access of this road and has about 40 linear meters of street frontage.

The land is completely flat, has a small house that was used to build cement blocks and has a dirt road that leads to the back of the land. It has some large trees and an extraordinary view of the mountains.

This lot is suitable for the construction of galleys,storage rooms, a shopping center or for housing construction. Close to this piece of land is the new Terpel gas station.