rio mariato, panama
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The Mini Ranch

Ranch Size

  • 1.6 hectares  Ranch (4.6 acres) (18,615.5 m2)
    • The Mini Ranch offers a large array of possibilities for someone who want more than an ordinary building lot in an expat community.


  • The area at the top is flat and suitable for large home and pool
  • Then slopes to a large flat area
  • large enough to
    • stable up to 3 horses
    • Horseback riding in lush tropical setting
    • Riding roads and trails deep into the mountains, or down to the ocean, to gallop along the water’s edge
    • plenty of space for your favorite breed of dog
    • Hiking
  • Total freedom to create your own landscaping


  • Properly separated
    • The Mini-Ranch has been separated from the mother estate
    • Registered under its own finca number
  • Fully titled
    • In the name of the present owner

Ocean Ridge Estates


Located 1 hour from Santiago and 3 ½ hours from Panama City, Ocean Ridge Estates Mini Ranch is set along the Rio Negro in the district of Mariato.

To the north, Ocean Ridge Estates sits along the Rio Negro (Black River). Treasures of river and ocean activities are available, with cascades, swimming spots, fishing and all related activities., of prime fishing sites as well as hundreds of miles of shoreline. Local guides are offering  discovery fishing trips to show how good the fishing really is in this area.

To the West it benefits from spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean about 4 miles away.

To the North, south, and east a breathtaking mountain panorama is surrounding the property

National Parks in the vicinity

Fauna in the area

  • A rich fauna composed of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies:
    • the white-tailed deer, painted rabbit, saino, felines, ñeque, cougar, jaguar, ocelot,
    • peacock, crested eagle, ark partridge, carapace parrot, red and green macaw , torcaza,  crested turkey, tinamús chico and grande and paisana.




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