Penonome, Panama
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Delight in 80+ different varieties of organic fruits  including various citrus, guava, starfruit, mango, bananas, plantains, coffee and pineapples. Try one of the apple bananas for an exquisite experience! If you count the 10 or 15 individual varieties within the mango and 30 banana types, there are probably more than 80 varieties in all.

There are some 350 fruit trees, 500 pineapple plants, 300 coffee bushes and tons of bananas. Customers say that these are the sweetest oranges in Panama. Since this is the best dirt in Panama, maybe that is true.

You will find wood trees, sloths, a few monkeys and plenty of nature in general, including 74 varieties of birds counted here in two months. Butterflies? You betcha!

If you are not familiar, “permaculture” means organic but with less work or Production without destruction.

The property contains a half-mile of river playground. Watching the young, and young at heart, jump and do flips off of the cliff into the Zarati River is a blast. Do you care to try? The Zarati is the largest and cleanest river in the area.

Revel in the food forest view from the porch of the three-bedroom, two-bath house. The view looks even better from the balcony — WOW! And from the top of the hill behind, another simply spectacular view — and as buildable as you might like.

This is such a special place that at this writing there are volunteers from Italy, Germany, Lebanon, and Bolivia learning about Permaculture. The farm is a Permaculture showcase.

A brand new access bridge leads to a 10 hectare (25 acres) piece of paradise!