El Higo, Panama
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L1503-061 39,4 ha

The best beaches on the Panamanian Pacific coast of Panama are located in an area known as the Dry Arc (Arco Seco), where, during the rainy season, a meteorological phenomenon make rain, more infrequent than the in rest of the country. While most beaches in the Arco Seco are beautiful, the sand is a mixture of black and white the locals call “salt and pepper beaches”.  However, in this area of El Higo of San Carlos, where this amazing property is located, the beaches are usually more white sandy beaches, they are wide, and generally there is a river that flows into it.

This beach property is located about 2 km from the Pan-American Highway. It is divided in five lots totalizing 394,691 m2, in other words 39.4 ha (97.5 acres). The beach frontage is about 255 m (755 feet). On one side of the land it is the mouth of the Cotón River. Most of the property is flat and close to the ocean. There is a section that has a smooth descend towards the beach. The rest of the property has sand cliffs, ideal to build terraces allowing the construction of houses, a hotel or a combination of both with an uninterrupted view of the ocean.

There are few trees scattered through the surface of this land. The type of soil is mainly sand which facilitate the construction of any type of buildings.

This property is also strategically located only 15 min. drive between vibrant Coronado on one side and the new Rio Hato International airport and the soon to be completed Ocean Mall, the most important shopping mall west of La Chorrera.

In our opinion, this property is ideal for the construction of a nice beach resort hotel and a beach community of houses or apartments. Because of the competitive price of this property per square meter, this land is one of the cheapest deals found in the area.

Prop.: L1503-061