It has been an absolute pleasure working with you Alcides.  We were lucky to have found you as your integrity and work ethic were second to none.  We would definitely not be in the position we are today if it wasn’t for your partnership and looking after the property like your own over the last couple years

Erik Hunter and Michael Ruggiero | California

You are THE best real estate broker that I have ever had; bar none..and that includes two of my own children who are brokers in Florida and New York. You go way out of your way to help your clients. I will recommend you to everyone that I meet in Panama City and in Costa Blanca, hoping that you derive some new business for all of your good work.

Britt Miller | United States

We enjoyed very much your company and your generosity with your time and knowledge. It feels indeed as if we found a new friend. You are definitely our first and best friend in Panama. We will definitely keep in touch with you and when we get closer to start processing a possible move to Panama we would be honored to have you as our guide and the adviser regarding the choice of a suitable home and location.

Maunu and Eva Cristina Von Leuders | Finland and Sweden

Premier Realty is an elite real estate company. What sets them apart is their outstanding customer service; especially, Alcides Mina.
His superior knowledge of the real-estate market in the Panama Beach area is matched by his honesty and dedication to getting the job done to everyone’s satisfaction. He listens attentively and negotiates gently but firmly. Alcides is always accessible, prompt, cordial and very professional.
We heartily recommend his services and his team, Yves and Robin at Premier Realty Panama S.A., to any residential or commercial property buyers/sellers.

Leo and Pier-Andrée | Canada

Aprovecho esta oportunidad para extender mi agradecimiento a Alcides  por su labor profesional del día de hoy 16 de Junio. Ha sido un gusto tenerlo como asesor de inversiones. Su don de gente y profesionalismo son dos de sus grandes cualidades. Su seguimiento (follow up) y  oído en cuanto a escuchar lo que un cliente busca es muy bueno. La selección de casas fue muy súper satisfactoria . Espero todo resulte como planeado y pueda rentar y tener opción a compra a un futuro cercano. Muy agradecida queda de Usted.

Tania Lara | Coronado
Alcides!!! You have outdone yourself!!! And you are 59 years old??? Man you are blowing me away!!! (I read your bio carefully lol)
I love the pictures and presentation on your website, listing links, and FB page too!! The text is all accurate and just right. Very tempting looking property the way you have it laid out.
Very nice job on everything.
Again, you have done a very good job on this. You went to a lot of work to climb all those hills to take those pictures. I know. I did it too when I was exactly the same age you are now. Keep rocking, Alcides!
Mark Fielding Darden | NC – USA

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