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Altos del Maria is at a height between 1,200 and 3,400 feet above sea level, located on the Central Mountain Range (Continental Divide), which separates the Pacific from the Atlantic side of the Isthmus. Altos del Maria has a garden – like landscape within its vast common area, where you can choose the lot you desire. These homesites have been designed without changing the natural topography of the land, thus offering a diversity of options for all tastes, with streams and creeks, panoramic views, natural forest or reforested woodlands.

CLICK HERE: you can see the map of Altos de Maria

Altos del Maria is a community inside the jungle and the forest. In Altos wherever you live you must have an incredible view of the mountains and the forest. You can enjoy a peaceful life in Altos because it’s a huge place. It has a jungle and relaxing atmosphere. The lush green forest is produced by the rich volcanic soil in this area.


Altos del maria is situated in the province of Chame. Panama City is just a 1h30 drive along the American Highway and Coronado a 30 minutes drive.



Altos is the best for climbing, relax, resourcing in the nature. Altos de Maria is situated near the Chame river where you can (when the weather allows it) swim in many mineral and natural pool. There is also staff who offer tours to be able to see all that Altos has to offer. Residents have, also, use of the tennis court and the gymnasium. There are flowers and trees everywhere, rivers, hiking trails, dozens of creeks, beautiful houses, waterfalls, exotic birds and animal species such as deer, sloths, golden frogs, toucan, skirls, small mammals and many more…and you are only 30 minutes from the beaches and some gorgeous golf courses.


The resident of Altos del maria have access to their own social area with:

  • Gymnasium
  • Game room
  • Rest area or work area
  • Paved streets
  • View points

And with free WIFI.

In altos there is also restaurants, tennis court, a mini golf and a heliport.



The community is gated so it has 24h security with a guard posted at all entry gates. In addition, in Valle bonito (the most exclusive zone) you have a special gate to enter this area: it is also kept by a guard.



For all lots, whether it is a house or a lot you have to pay $80. For the garbage collection there is many bins in Altos where you can put your waste.

For the electricity: Electrical power is supplied through the Altos del Maria gird to every lot

For water: Three potable plants serve the whole community delivering pure water to every lot.

For telephone, Internet and TV: We provided high quality telephone service through a wireless facility. Also Internet access is available from the various companies and satellite TV facilities.



Altos del Maria is the perfect investment to live in a healthy environment, surrounded by nature. It is the most exclusive  residential communities. It has all the facilities and infrastructure that you and your family deserve to relax, have a direct contact with nature and enjoy the magnificent views offered by this unique location.